Data transmission

To receive data, a perimeter has to be connected with PeriData and configured

After that, the PeriData program is ready to receive data as long as it is running.

The data are stored in the open perimetric database. If linked to a patient record software, the database is opened automatically. Otherwise, it has to be opened manually (see also File open or File New). If several files are open, PeriData will ask for the target file. If no file is open, the data are stored intermediately. The next time when a file is opened, these data are stored to this file.

As long as intermediately stored import data are waiting, a blinking button in the toolbar wil warn you.

For details how to start data transmission on the perimeter, select your perimeter type:

Heidelberg Edge Perimeter (HEP)

Humphrey Field Analyzer 1 (Model 6xx)

Humphrey Field Analyzer 2 (Model 7xx)

Humphrey Field Analyzer 3 (Model 8xx)

Medmont M700

Oculus Twinfield / Centerfield / Easyfield / Smartfield

Rodenstock Peristat 433

Octopus 101 / PeriTrend

Octopus 1-2-3

Octopus 300 / 311

Octopus 500ez

Octopus 900 / EyeSuite

Octopus 600 / EyeSuite

If more than 1 perimeter (same or different types) are connected with PeriData, the data transmission is allowed to run simultaneously. Conflicts are avoided by PeriData. In case of a Medical Record Software Link, you should only send the data of the active patient.