Integration into your existing computer network

There are 2 variants to use PeriData:

  • Simple network installation: PeriData is installed on all workstations in the localnetwork. One of the computers is connected with the perimeter using a cable (or the perimeter control program is running on this computer). The PeriData database is stored on this computer and is shared with all other computers. The visual fields can be viewed on every display.
  • EMR (Electronic Medical Record) Integration: The installation does not differ from a "simple network installation", but PeriData is started OUT OF the EMR software. This is the LINK MODE. Each patient has a particular database. Only examinations of the current patient are shown. EMR integration reqires some configuration work on the EMR software side. In the ideal integration a you will see the complete visual field display of a patient after pressing one single button. In addition, there is an info line in the patient file for each examination.

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