License rates

The great success of PeriData all over Europe is not at least the result of the very reasonable license fee. The monthly rate is only  18. Only the first year is more expensive.

These are the rates for yearly payment

216    Yearly license fee  (second and following years)

648    License fee for the first year

  79    Special cable (HFA1, HFA2, Octopus 300)

German tax added - except EU export with tax no.

1 License is needed for an eyecare facility with 1 perimeter and 1-2 eye specialists. For larger eyecare facilitys see pricelist  >>> complete price list

License fee "all inclusive"

The license fee of PeriData is free of complicated rules and includes all necessary services:

  • Hotline by PeriData experts
  • Updates with adaption to changed perimeter software, inclusion of new types and with new program features
  • Change of your perimeter type without surcharge
  • Use on all computers without additional charge (the license fee depends on the size of the eyecare facility)
  • Detailed information about the complete service commitments are given in the license contract  >>> license contract

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