PeriData version 3.7.0

New: The help function is now completely integrated into the program. It can be activated out of each window providing detailed context information. All changes

Download PeriData

The setup file has a size of about 6 MB. Installation tips

What to do next?  First Steps

Link to older version: 3.6.7

Demo mode

You are allowed to try PeriData for 50 days. Just select DEMO MODE when you are asked for it. The DEMO MODE is a full version with all functions. 50 days after the installation, the DEMO MODE is not available any more. You have to register the license code.


The registration finishes the demo mode. It is still possible after exceeding the 50 day limit. The registration procedure is performed via telephone. The computer must be running. Prior to the registration, the order has to be placed. >>> Order form

Update installation

Update installation is easy, like the first installation. Uninstall is not required. The license key is preserved, it must not be refreshed.

Informations for administrators

Are you administrator of a medical unit? Do you want to know all details about installation and use of PeriData? 

 >>> PeriData Specifications

You need special information concerning the Link Mode:

>>> PeriData Link Mode

Problems or questions

If you should notice any faults, please document the problem and contact us. If the fault is serious, re-install the previous PeriData version.

We are also interested in the general behavior and performance of the program. If you have any remarks, please let us know. Call the hotline or send an email. >>> Contact

Remove an annoying Update Message

After the update 3.7.0 we got a few reports about an annoying message that suggested a new update once every day. This is caused by a damaged copy of the Setup-File. You can remove this file with a little tool. Please download the following file (RemoveSetupFile.exe) at ONE of your workstations and start it. Confirm the question of deleting the Setup-File. After the removal the message does not show any more at ALL workstations. >>> Removal tool