Operation with buttons and the mouse

PeriData can be operated with buttons, keys or the menu. Using buttons is the simplest. On the following tiles there is an animation which allows you to test the functions like in the real program. Click on an image, and something happens !

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You want to play with all the functions at your own computer ? The program can be tested for 40 days in the demo mode. It has an example database to get familiar with the functions.   

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PeriData is affordable

What are the costs of the program ?

About money

How do I switch between the VISUAL FIELDS ?

This is very simple: On the left in the Series Window you see all examinations in small format. Click on the visual field you like to see. Just trie it, click 2x into the image

Click on a visual field in the Series Window on the left !!

How can I change the IMAGE type ?

The image type is selected with the buttons above the visual field display gewählt. The buttons show little symbols. Click alternately on Graycale, Color Map, 6fold-Display or the 3-D-Hill and look what happens

Click on a button in the Single Field Window on the right !!

Can I change the COMBINATION, see Left + Right field together ?

Of course, there are buttons in the Series Window. Click on the Left-Right symbol or the Trend symbol. Just try it. And switch back to the Single display with the button "1"

Click on a button in the Series Window on the left !!

And if I need more HELP ?

There is the HELP funktion. The button gives information about the current active functions. If you DOUBLE CLICK into a visual field image, you will get special help concerning THIS IMAGE TYPE. In this animation, a single click will do. Click again to hide the help window

Click on a visual field or the help button !!