More about the data transmission procedure

Data transmission is quick and easy. The procedure consists of 2 steps.

The procedure is shown on the following tiles. Animated movies are started by a click on the image.

start the movie with a click click to stop the movie

1. Step: Start of PeriData out of the patient record

The patient record in the EMR software is active

A click on the PeriData button (or a key, depending on the setting of the link)

PeriData opens and shows the stored examinations of the patient. PeriData is waiting for new data

Note: If PeriData is not integrated into the EMR system, the program will be started in the morning and is always active. This step is not needed.

2. Step: Start of the data transmission at the perimeter

The examination is sent to PeriData with the SEND button

If the automatic transmission after examination is activated, the data are sent with a click on the SAVE button automatically

The procedure differs in detail between the periemter types. A list of all compatible perimeters is here

start the movie with a click click to stop the movie

After the 2nd step you see the import of the data by PeriData


Data have arrived and are stored. A message shows up for 2 seconds

The database window is automatically moved to the top. The red bar is positioned on the new examination. Now you press ENTER

The result of the new examination is shown