What is PeriData?

PeriData makes your visual field results availabel on every workstationin the eye clinic or practise. The data are imported from the perimeter and stored on the server. The visual fields are shown in a flash thanks to a special data format.

And the data transmission?

You need 1-3 clicks depending on the visual field device. The transmission takes less than 2 seconds. (example) PeriData shows the new data immediately - everywhere in the network! The program supports 16 perimeter types (device list). And PeriData is not only a receiver: with many perimeters, it can send the patient data to the perimeter before the examination is started. The integration is perfect !

How do I get from the patient file to the visual fields?

PeriData offers the unique Link Mode. After 1-2 clicks in the EMR software the PeriData window pops up and shows all visual fields of the current patient. This takes less than 1 second. Can there be more conveniance? In the EMR software list you should find your system.

More about the integration with EMR software

Are the visual field maps easy to understand?

different instruments

The visual field maps show the damage with an intuitive color scale.
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Both visual fields can be viewed side by side


The progression analysis is clear and simple. Different perimeters can be combined

What does it cost?   These are the very low license fees >>